Looking to volunteer at this year’s festival? We’d love your help!

There are plenty of volunteer options at the festival.

+ How do I volunteer for this event?

You can apply to be a voluneteer here!

+ Do I need a ticket?

No! Working your required shift(s) is your volunteer ticket. We do not refund tickets if you buy them before you find out if you have been confirmed into our program. We cannot refund tickets once purchased so please do not buy with the intention of exchanging it for Volunteer Credentials.

+ Do volunteers get to enjoy the festival?

Yes. As a member of the Corkdorks Volunteer Team, you are welcome to enjoy the festival or whatever you choose with your free time, as long as you show up on time and ready to work when scheduled. Being a volunteer though does mean that you may have to sacrifice some of your festival time to do the job that you signed up for.

+ What perks are included for volunteers?

All members of the Corkdorks Volunteer Team are permitted access to the Festival and may enjoy the Festival whenever they’re not working. Volunteers will also receive a t-shirt to show everyone that you are part of the Corkdorks Volunteer Team.

+ Why do we have to be on site so early?

We want to make sure you get checked in, set up in your appropraite stations and ready to go before we open the doors to the general public.

+ How can I stay in touch?